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The odd-even rule part 2! Positive acceptances for some while a menace and imposition. It was the very first practical attempt to lower the overpowered effect of pollution in capital city New Delhi. For the first time the citizens were practically a part of contributing there effort in reaching the aim. It received mixed reviews from the general public also with unexpected disciplined follow up of the rule. Now it’s time for the second round of odd-even rule. It is significant to see the positivity as well rather than negativity always.

1.       Somewhat tamed traffic

Delhi is the city with most number of vehicles on road. This obviously results in endless traffic affecting day to day activities. The rule applies only for fifteen days but an initial level change in traffic control was certainly marked last time (1st odd even conducted in January 2016).


2.       Less polluted for a while

As per government schemes, the rule stood in success while the pollution concern remained skeptical. Some sources concluded as 50% rise in the existing pollution graph by the first week, while others stated of betterment in the air quality by the 9th day.


3.       Car pooling as a social act

Pooling car was another secondary impact of the rule which turns out to be positive. It acted as another way of being socially active with friends and neighbors having an excuse of car pooling due to the rule.


4.       Less fuel consumption

Since the vehicle hits the road on an alternative basis, it eventually resulted in less fuel consumption. Hence, less expenditure.


5.       Respecting the public commuting systems

Numerous people who might have never considered the public convenience had to use them. Be it the Delhi Metro or the buses, they are provision to the public to make the layman’s life easier. Therefore they should be respected.


6.       Addition to other ways of pollution control

The result of rejuvenating existing power plants and planting more of them is already functions to serve the aim of a pollution free Delhi. The odd even rule is a positive attempt to boost the impact and change the tag of the most polluted city in the world.


So riders! Just like the part 2 of any awaited movie, the odd-even rule attempt two is now here. Thinking of the impact is the latter part but to perform it in a disciplined manner is prior. As citizens it is only hoped for a pollution free healthy environment.

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