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People in India are updated about their favorite automotive venture and its vehicles. Some might have the wheels which they wanted to drive always. The driver or the owner himself might take good care of the car, but specific catering to the tires is always neglected. There is always a matter of contention between these two terms – wheel balancing and wheel alignment.

What is the difference between wheel alignment and wheel balancing?

Wheel alignment – keeping all the tires equally aligned is wheel alignment. It simply means that your car’s wheels are on the same line geometrically.

Wheel balancing – balancing the weight around the rotating axis of the wheel is called wheel balancing. It is must needed to avoid distracting vibrations and wobbling of the wheel, especially when on long drives.

Let’s get enlightened about WHEN one should take wheel alignment check:

·         Your vehicle took a hit

·         You notice an uneven or abnormal tire wear

·         You experience handling issues like the vehicle pulling off towards left or right and the steering not returning easily after you take a turn

·         When you replace your steering  and suspension components, make sure you don’t return home without a wheel alignment check at that service center

·         Any of the above cases or after driving for 50,000 km.


WHEN should one take the wheel balancing test?

·         Your steering wheel vibrates at high speeds which is usually when the imbalance is in the front wheels

·         Your seats and the floorboard vibrates at high speeds which is usually when the imbalance is in the rear wheels

·         Scalloped /cupped wear pattern on the tires.

·         Wheel balancing is recommended after every 5,000 to 10,000 km of running.


Other manual machineries to assist in tire maintenance

TYRE INFLATOR Inflate the car/bike tires yourself whenever you feel the need or in case of a temporary fixation.

TYRE PRESURE GAUGE These are simple devices to assist you with accurate quantity of air inflation needed as per the tire condition. These days, tire pressure gauge comes in pair with tire inflators while also available separately.

TYRE PUNCTURE KITS It is a smart move to carry tire puncture kit as it might be needed anywhere unexpectedly. Under situations where there is no possibility of professional assistance nearby, the puncture kit helps to save a lot of time and effort.

CRUX: Negligence of regular tire checkups and

proper maintenance may strain your vehicle unnecessarily and create hazardous driving conditions unexpectedly which might be fatal.

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