What Helmet Suits you and how to choose?

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When we think about two wheeler safety ride, there is nothing more important than a Helmet. Now it’s mandatory in all cities for just because of our safety so we should understand its importance. People are more concern about the style than their safety. No matter which helmets, they think it affects their style, but now you can buy a helmet which enhance your style and safety. It’s very important to select the right helmet which suits your style that could be the only reason which pushes you to carry it all the time

If we talk about styling only there are lots of different designs and colors are coming in Helmets. You can have a look below for the example

Motocross Helmets with Dual Visor


Ares Flip up Helmets 

Open Face Helmets

Dot Full Face Helmets

Dashing Full Face Helmets


We have mentioned the few of the models which gives you a better idea for your next helmet.

Tips before buying a new helmet –

As mentioned when it comes to motorbike safety, there is nothing more important than a helmet. Usually all helmets have the same criteria in safety standards. But we always suggest buying branded helmets like Steelbird, Vega, Studds and Speedwav etc. We always recommend to buy a new helmet if it is 3 years old or dented/cracked. Selecting a right helmet will create a huge chance of survival and recovery in the event you have a serious accident. Not all helmets are created equally and there are lots of models are available in the market as mentioned earlier.

The first thing you need to see the ISI mark on helmets which give you the assurance of safety. You have to always get the best fitted helmet; even the best helmet can’t save you if it won’t fit you. If Helmet doesn’t have a good fit so it came off at the time of the accident. Poorly fitting helmets are uncomfortable, it cause unnecessary distraction while riding as well

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