Sunshade Season: Top 5 Car Sunshades for this Summer

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The summer heat is already getting unbearable and we are yet to enter the peak of this season! Staying hydrated and swinging the AC to full on the go is a good idea but what about the scorching Summer Sun? An obvious answer to this is Car Sunshades which comes in all shapes, sizes and types but contrary to common notion, a major part of the regularly driving population ignores the same.


We all park our car for going to an ATM or getting groceries in the day time under the sun and by the time we get back, the same vehicle turns into an inferno! The UV rays of the sun gets magnified while passing through the windscreens of the car and not only turns the interior temperature super hot but also cracks the car dashboard by making it extremely dry.

Steering wheels are protected by steering wheel covers but they too have their limits. Car Sunshades provide a perfect and fool proof solution to this. They reflect these harmful and warm UV rays and other solar radiations thereby keeping the interiors cool and preventing any damage to the interiors as well.

Not to mention, in a country where tinted glasses are banned, sunshades are also a good option if a little privacy is needed.

Sunshades come in a lot of variety suiting for all kinds of needs and requirements. Some of these include:

1.       Regular stick-on sunshades: These have suction cups and are the most common kinds available in the market today. Check out Here

2.       Roller sunshades: These can be rolled up when not needed and come in many designs and colors. Check out Here

3.       Electrostatic sunshades: These do not require any tape or suction to stick to the windscreens and can make for a cool style statement. Check out Here

4.       Clipper sunshades: These have a clip where they can be easily attached on and taken off. Check out Here

5.       Automatic sunshades: Feel like a king with these single-button-push automatic sunshades.


There are many more kinds of sunshades available in the market if one goes searching. You can get sunshades for front, rear or side in various colors and design.

Install a pair of these and park in the peak of summers and forget the worry of returning back to an owen on wheels!

Team wishes you the best for this summer and hopes you do the wise thing by getting those classy and useful sunshades for your ride!

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