Top 10 Must-Have Car Accessories For Winter

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White-out condition, Foggy, Snowy road and just a scant few hours of daylight. There’s really no end to the challenges presented by winter driving in India. While you prepare to shield against the harsh weather, what about your car? Not only does it need some preparations to deal with the extreme weather conditions but also, you need to take some precautions and keep certain things in mind in order to drive safely in winter. If you’re prone to shivering by the time you pull into your car, consider adding these winter friendly car accessories to your vehicle today.

1.    Car Heater: Wouldn’t it be fun to jump into a car that is toasty warm? With Car Heaters you can you can simply do that. The car heaters allow your car to fire up to a cozy temperature on its interiors and keep you safe from the freezing winters of outdoor.


2.    Car Blankets: Travel while diving in the ease and comfort of car blankets and forget the bone freezing cold weather. Car blankets are the need of time and facilitate you to keep yourself warm while traveling. It is ideal for those who travel with kids and interestingly, some of its variants can also be used as a pillow when not in use.



3.    Car Cushions: In winters while you plan to go on a long drive your family, you need to feel cozy and comfortable for an enjoyable journey. Buying Car Cushions can be an ideal solution for the same. They are not only meant for cradling but are an ideal solution for your cozy winter cuddles as well. You can choose your car cushion in a desired shape and size from a wide range of available options



4.    Fog Lights: Talking about winters, we cannot forget the fog and the trouble that we face while driving in foggy weather. Fog lights, as their name suggests, were developed to be used in dangerously thick fog. These are a great device to improve both your ability to see and your car's exterior appearance when conditions aren't ideal.


5.    Massage Seats: For people suffering from nagging back pain and discomfort, winters can be a bigger hurdle and a massage seat is a practical solution. You can fold it and store it after one use or you can leave it on your car seat permanently so that you can come home after a busy day and always have the massaging seat ready to give you a warm, relaxing massage right on your car seat.


6.    Snow Chains: When driving in winter, you want to take every possible precaution against the weather.  It’s common (and in some locations, required by law) that riders of heavy vehicles carry snow chains that fit over the wheels of their and increase traction in snowy and icy conditions.  These chains can be especially helpful in mountain passes, which have a steep grade and are prone to deep snowfall because of their altitude.


7.    Jumper Cables: Very few people are aware of the fact that during winters, car batteries often shows a lower efficiency. To avoid any unwelcoming situation it is advised to keep a pair of Jumper Cables handy. Jumper cables are fairly easy to use, and giving someone a boost requires no formal training as a mechanic, however, it is advised to learn how to use jumper cables, else it can prove to be dangerous. 


8. Fog Clear Liquid: You get up in the morning, its freezing cold outside and you're late for work. You run to the car, get in, and the windscreen's all fogged up to avoid such situations it’s better to go with Fog clearing liquid. A fog clearing liquid is a modern day car wash with Carnauba Wax that will leave your automobile looking like it was washed by a pro Application and won’t get trapped in fog.


9. Coat Hangers: Winters always invites you to carry your coats and jackets along with you. While doing the same, you either end up throwing them on the back seat or they keep swinging on the normal wardrobe hangers and keep striking with the window panes of our cars, disturbing us and even blocking our view. Travel Coat Hangers are a must-have for such tricky situations. A good quality coat hanger is available with adjustable hooks and solves all the above-mentioned problems.


10. Car Covers: Cold weather elements like falling ice and heavy snow can harm your car to a heart-wrenching stage. Shield your ride with a cold weather car cover to safeguard your paint job during the harsh winter months. Often available in a variety of durable materials, functional colors and fitment styles, Car Covers are surely offering you all the protection required for your car in the teeth tickling winters.



So, now that you are all set, wish you a Happy Winters.



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