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Whether it is cool breeze or hot dry wind prevailing outside, nothing can stop a biker. While riding in unfavorable climatic conditions, one feels like being hit by a hair dryer. Bikers need to be aware of tips for the bikers to experience hassle free and damage controlled ride during extreme summers.

Why? Because no matter how intriguing, the rider needs to cover up in summers. Too much exposure to the sun causes dehydration as sweat evaporates and results in exhaustion. That is totally not needed.

How to keep cool? Keep check of these 3 keys during summer riding:

Stay hydrated Consume sufficient quantity of water or cold drink after every one hour/halt. This keeps you going on by avoiding the water craving to urge.

Prevent sun tan/burn Keep to arms and face covered with biker attire (jacket/gloves/helmet) to avoid direct exposure under the sun and invite tan/burns.

Evaporative cooling Wear proper Motorcycle Gear well ventilated and not too stuffed. Wear thin layers to avoid suffocation.

Here are few tips and tricks to keep cool under severe heat:

1.       Wear light colors. Dark colors like black absorb maximum heat.

2.       A full face but well ventilated helmet is a must during summers. White helmet actually reflects back heat.

3.       Wet your bandana/headwrap round the neck at every stoppage for maintaining hydration.

4.       If not wearing a jacket by any chance, atleast wear arm sleeves instead.

5.       A wet towel inside the jacket can help contribute to more heat prevention.

6.       Wear breathable, ventilated gloves to avoid sweat on hands while riding.

7.       Always keep the bike covered with body cover at a stoppage of reasonable amount of time.

8.       Always park the bike under shade if possible.

9.       Cary some oil to avoid unexpected headed up bike affecting the performance.

10.   Take off your wristwatch while riding to avoid blisters.

11.   Wear a facemask or partially bandana/headwrap under extreme sun rays beneath the helmet.

12.   For utility, carry saddle bags attached to the bike for conveniently carrying all summer prevention stuff. It also saves you from the pylon of carrying a bag on back all the time while driving.

So riders! Hope this little piece of advice helps you to perform comfortable and satisfying biking even during summers. Follow these simple tricks and you won’t be needed to give up bike riding even when it is unfavorable outside. 

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