This Holi, clean the car yourself like a pro!

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So you want to wear victory against the rough festival colors with showroom shining color, and the defeat the mud with those newly appearing tyres. Well you will have to assist yourself a little with that. Put on the gloves, fill the bucket with Luke warm water, a nice car bathing soap and a sponge (any soft cloth for rubbing and cleaning). Now that the props are all set, you’re ready to do some working! Here are few household tips for the perfect car or bike cleaning.

1.       Beat the heat


Put the car away from direct Ultra voilet rays so as to avoid premature wearing out paint because of excessive dryness. This should be the very first initiative towards car and bike protection.

2.       Keep the props ready

Keep the water filled bucket and other washing supplements near the car for convenient beginning of the washing procedure and ease of functioning throughout. Make sure you have quality car and bike cleaning products.

3.       The right amount

The Luke warm water should be mixed with accurate amount of liquid soap as guided by the cleaning product’s directions to use. Also keep another bucket of plain water ready.

4.       Keep it shut


All windows should be closed and antenna retracted to avoid any soap reaching the car interior (seats, floor mats control buttons) and also damaging the antenna functioning.

5.       Turn on the water


Hose off the car aiming downwards on all exterior surface of the car/bike to loosen the dirt and easy cleaning and rubbing to be continued. Perfect starting leads to perfect car/bike cleaning.

6.       Soap it up


Dip the sponge into the soapy water, being sufficed to create a soapy layer on the car/bike at first. A soft cloth or a sponge should be preferable over a brush or scalper to avoid little scratches. Rinse out the sponge after short intervals to clear the dirt from it.

7.       Keep it going

Start applying the soapy sponge on the entire car section by section. Take several rounds to complete this step before rinsing.

8.       Do the rinsing


Rinse off the car after washing. Particularly keep the entire car wet to prevent the droplets from drying on the car paint surface and leaving a spot.

9.       Move to the bottom


Apply the same procedure on the lower section of the car, the tyres and lower body as is it most dirty and difficult of all. But the perfect car cleaning does not happen without shiny tyres.

10.   Use the right thing

For the tyre opening, use a skinny wheel brush rather than sponge to maintain the gloss on the alloys (if any). For the tyre sidewalls, use a plastic brush to keep the grip intact with perfect application of soap over it.

11.   Spray it up



After the wash, rinse the bottom and the tyre side walls with a nozzle spray. Try various angles to clean it successfully. Shining tyres reflect the right car/bike cleaning.

12.   Soak it up


Use a dry (preferably microfiber) cloth to soak the vehicle to dry up the water droplets on the surface and retrieve the shine.

So riders! Play with as much colors his festive but also keep your ride protected from the same. Prevent your vehicle to the maximum potential, but don’t forget to give it the perfect wash later. Follow these simple norms to achieve perfect car and bike cleaning with the right  cleaning products for ultimate protection.

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