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‘KUV 100’, as they call it ‘Kool Utility Vehicle’. The name totally dignifies these wheels newly launched by Mahindra. With perfectly sculpted cuts and curves, KUV is a latest example of precision. Mahindra at its technology best mode, brings yet another suv that justifies over whelming good looks, enthusiastic power and mostly quite reachable affordability. With already built unreasonably good looks, why not enhance it a little more with your personal touch for the perfect wheels that you always desire of.

Here are few style enhancement accessories for your brand new Mahindra KUV 1OO:

BONNET SCOOPS     Feel the turbo power with Car Turbo Style Air Intake Bonnet Scoop which will make you feel the power of your vehicle with its aggressive make and design increasing overall front looks of the vehicle, it can also be used to make a special air intake space in the bonnet. Its small chrome grill inside the scoop makes it even more stylish and does not confine itself to only show purpose.

CHROME GRILL    Chrome touch can never go wrong. Unbearably awesome if the car itself is a master piece. It is a must have product to make your ride stand out from crowd. The silver metallic effect right in front makes the car shine both tangibly and intangibly. A non negotiable styling asset for all car lovers indeed.


CHROME HANDLES    How about a little addition of the silver touch! With a great vehicle, comes great styling enthusiasm. Ordinary door handles just don’t dignify the classy nature of your hot wheels, do they? Why not choose chrome handles over ordinary. Small changes can make huge differences after all!


EXHAUST TIPS    With high quality stainless steel, these little exhaust tips are far beyond its dimensions. Just like exhausts declare your arrival, these exhaust tips make sure that your arrival is marked with style.


ROOF WRAPS    You can always opt for roof wraps, without giving a thought to a car like this. When the front, the back and sides are perfectly styled, how can the top be left out. Placed with precision and perfection, roof wraps dares the heights of beauty of your hustler ride.

WHEEL COVERS    Obviously you can never forget about the wheels styled with alloys. But how about if you play smart?

Full chrome wheel covers are a perfect substitute to those heavy and mind bogglingly costly alloys. You can get the perfect companion for your car wheels with these chrome covers at lesser cost but certainly uncompromised style and look.

START BUTTON    Since technology is driven to its peak with this car, why not take it t the next level! Start buttons are inbuilt in most luxury driven cars, buy for your new KUV 1OO, compromising cannot be an option. You can always avail the chance of getting LED Push Start Button installed in your car to experience luxury and comfort at its best.

 ELECTRIC JACK AND WRENCH    After having the next level styling done, making the most out of your drive, not being prepared shouldn’t be an option. In case of uncertainties and unfavorable environment, an electric jack and wreck kit can save you from the disaster of facing a punctured tire. With such hot wheels, there’s no chance of getting stuck.

With complete accessorizing and preparation, get the ultimate luxury out of your car. Your drive with your brand new KUV 1OO remains uncompromised!

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