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Whether planning to buy a new car or already driving it for years, it is always a matter of concern till when will the vehicle survive and when will I have to start preparing for other vehicle as a replacement. But riders! Simply follow these tricks with the right car performance parts and spare parts to increase the life line of your car to avoid apprehensions.

1.       Follow regular oil changing methods

It assists on keeping a cleaner engine, maintains the engine’s lubricity and removes unwanted combustion elements hazardous to the engine. This is simplest yet most negligible way of balancing the car’s life, which eventually should be followed on frequent basis to maintain the performance of the car performance parts.

2.       Filtering the Air Filter

Unusually clogged or dirty air filter hampers the air flow into the combustion chambers. Henceforth affecting the gas mileage of the car. A clean and unplugged air filter/cabin filter should remain, to keep the vehicle running smoothly. Another car spare part that should be taken care of.

3.       Keep the wheels running

Regular tire rotation keeps the mileage stable while enhancing the tire’s life as well. You can opt for nitrogen tire services from best places to keep the tires in motion for a longer period. Thus preventing gas wastage with good mileage and become environment friendly. Car accessories like alloys, rims etc can be further added to enjoy the newly born performance of the wheels.

4.       Replace the spark plugs

Getting the spark plugs replaced gradually increase the mileage and lower the percentage of emissions. In conclusion, contributing to an increased life of the car. These spare parts are small yet effective.

5.       Brakes, most important

Neglecting regular checkups of the brake pads and shoes, will eventually lead to brake fail which no one wants to face certainly. Prior detection of the problem can also prevent you from major expense of other brake parts damage repair. Addition of brake fluid in every two years is a must.

6.       Getting the fuel injection service

Granting the fuel injection service to the car prolongs the car’s life by enhancing mileage performance and positively adding to other performance measures of the car, which can defeat unexpected cost in the long run.

7.       Change the transmission fluid

It is often recommended by the manufacturers and auto experts that changing transmission fuels can lead up to 50% hike in the transmission life. Regular follow up of transmission fluid change at required intervals might allow you to never face extreme transmission failure situations.

8.       Regular checkups for your car

Timely service and check up of the entire vehicle functioning definitely ensures problem diagnosis before they become major with time (while driving). Don’t just let the company or the service station so the checking, but always ask for the copy of a check list to tally it yourself. 

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