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Traveling from one place to another using car will become boring if the journey takes more than one or two hours. To make the journey comfortable and enjoyable, many car accessories are available in the market. New models and versions are released in the market. These can be checked and choose the items which can make your trip interesting.

1. Nowadays movies and songs come in the form of DVD. To play the DVD you can fix the DVD player with stereo speakers inside the car. Alternatively, you can purchase portable DVD player and can bring along with you while traveling. You can play cartoon DVD or Music DVD using this player so children and music lovers will not get bored.



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2. During the travel, passengers may feel thirsty or hungry. It is difficult to find the shops to buy and have snacks and it may increase your planned travel time. For this coolers are available in the market. This can be available in different sizes. You can choose the one according to the space available in your car and keep inside that in a car. Bottled soft drinks and snacks can be kept inside the cooler. This will keep the drinks, water, and snacks in good condition and make the passengers healthy and happy.



3. Most of the people feel uneasy when traveling for a long time. Particularly if someone has any kind of injury, it will become painful for them. For such kind of people, specially designed travel pillows are available. You can buy and keep them in your car. You may use these pillows for the neck or back. This item is one of the mandatory items you can keep with you for a long journey.




4. Portable games are also one of the time pass equipment during travel. You can take the games like playing cards, chess, and handy video games. Playing those games will not only keep children engaged also entertain the elders.


5. Most of the people are music lovers. Across the age and doing other work anyone can listen to the music and enjoy the songs. You can take your MP3/ MP4 player or iPod with your favorite and latest songs recorded in that. Using these players will not occupy the space and you can keep them even nearby the dashboard.


6. Adapters are also an important tool to connect various electronic equipment like mobile phones, laptop, and iPod. So better keep a car adapter and will not get into the problem like a power outage. It is essential for those, who are mobile phone dependent.



7. A First Aid Kit is the most essential to be kept inside the car always whether the travel is short or lengthy one. Car driver should take responsibility to keep the necessary medicines and band-aids inside the kit. He should ensure that all the necessary items are available with valid lifetime inside the medical kit before start the journey.


8. You have to organize the things like DVD, books, and games in such a way that they should not occupy passenger’s space or discomfort to them. The best way is you can hang most of them back to the seat or beneath the seat or keep near the dashboard if it books or DVDs.



9. If the travel group include kids, it is wise to carry some wet wipes, tissue papers, so it is easy to clean the hands or accidental spills of soft drinks or water. For the same, you need to accessorize your car with Tissue holder, which keeps all the tissues in place and enhances the interiors.


10. A top carrier has to be fixed or should be available on the top of the car. So you can keep your luggage which is not requiring to access during the travel in the carrier. By this way, you can get a lot of space inside the car so the passengers can stretch their legs inside the car and get relaxed.





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