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Hot wind or the Loo, is the only task to ear during summers. While you sit back in the air conditioned room, your car faces bang opposite weather. After hours of being parked out open in the sun, imagine what heat your car must have grasped. This summer, apply these simple tricks to keep your car cool, so you ultimately don’t have to treat yourself with driving a heated up car.

1.       Window visors - A pair of window visor or sunshade can prevent the temperature control up to some extent by not allowing the UV rays to directly enter the car from the glass opening edge. This works throughout all weather conditions.


2.       Dashboard mat - A smart way to prevent ample of harmful rays to directly strike you car by covering the dashboard, which eventually is the most prominent and prone area to the direct sunlight.


3.       Hand towel – use a cool piece of cloth (microfiber cloth) over the steering wheel in absence to keep the driving tool prevented from direct heat. It happens a lot of times when the steering wheel is burning out of heat as soon you hold it.

4.       Shade parking – try hard luck to find shaded parking spots for your car to simply keep it away from the sunrays.

5.       Tint – Window Tints create a semi transparent black coating (depending on the percentage of tint) on the window that succeeds in preserving the normal temperature inside the car.

6.       Engine Coolant – An engine coolant is a must generally, but more importantly for summers. Keeping an extra one can be a smart move in case of sudden events.

7.       Accurate Tire Inflation – Keep the tires perfectly inflated. Under inflated tires eventually utilize more coverage at the bottom area that touches the road, leading to greater friction and tire wearing out possibilities. Over inflated tires eventually lead to bursting out.


8.       Alternative Ventilation accessories – Other than the AC or the fan inbuilt inside the car, keeping a portable fan and a travel fridge help in driving with ease and beating the heat.


So riders! Don’t forget to be habitual to these simple tricks and enjoy at the beginning of every drive with comfort. This summer, you will beat the heat!

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