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How would a person feel, when one day his most valuable item suddenly gets vanished. Each day brings loads of surprises and shocks. The worst thing to regret later will be one question! Why did I not keep my car safely? You definitely wouldn’t want to experience that. Here are few anti theft tips to keep your precious vehicle safe and with you.

1.       Central locking system First of all, central locking model is compatible only for cars which have factory fitted manual door central locking system i.e. all doors are locked with key from the driver side door. The benefit to receive is to get notified with its loud alarm, whenever anyone tries to temper with car.

2.       Steering pedal lock Keeps even the attempt of theft prevented with its complete lock system. In any unfortunate case of car being towed away without consent, the wheel lock keeps the car unmoved.

3.       Car wheel/rim lock Keep the wheel locked to tackle any uncertain circumstances of theft. The lock is easy to install manually and logically functions best if fitted on the rear/back tire. Multiple locks can also be used for each tire to ensure maximum safety.

4.       Bike disc brake metal lock Installed on the disc brake on either wheel of the bike, it ensure safety in defense to theft. Also the metal structure functions against drilling, cutting, sawing or other destructive methods of theft.

5.       Bike helmet Digital lock When maximum safety is performed for bike, certain handy measures are traditional for bike accessories’ safety as well. Digital code lock for helmets with thick surfaced material used to create the lock, is easy to use. Non cuttable in case if using chain style lock system.

6.       Bike wheel lock Function just like the car wheel lock system. Convenient to be used by any layman on frequent basis. Heavy duty metal material is used to be sure of tolerance against any kind of theft or unusual activity with the bike.


So riders! Don’t compromise with the safety of your investment when you have planned to go a long way with it. Keep safe! Ride safe!

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