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Every car owner wants their car to shine with precision every time they take her out for a ride. But the precious car being out in the open is always prone to getting dirt affected. Hence, watching your car fade away and being untidy is always disheartening. It is possible to take out some time from the occupied days for once and give your car an interior cleaning session yourself. Here are some tips do maintain the cleanliness of your car as appealing as a new one:

1.       Begin with brushing the carpets/floor mats

Exit all the carpets/mats from the car and give a stiff brushing session for a while till all the mud and dirt drains out. If you own 3d or rubber floor mats, the brushing can be winded up sooner than in carpet mats.

2.       Next is a blow dry session

Getting a handy car vacuum cleaner is not a task these days. A reasonable and multifunctional vacuum cleaner is the best companion in swaying away the most inaccessible dirt particles on the car seats, beneath the carpet/mats and down below the seats. The vacuum cleaner can be used on any kinds of seat cover material while perform utmost cleanliness. 

3.       Cleaning the interior surface

Cleaning microfiber clothes can be used for a quick dusting over the dashboard, steering wheels and other relevant surface. Also if some extra time is managed, a complete yet quick dashboard cleaning could be performed with dashboard polish and wiping with the cloth later.

4.       Make the glass shine

Simply spraying and wiping on the glass with the glass cleaner doesn’t demand too much of time. Thorough cleaning at once glass each give a much better cleanliness to the car’s outlook, even if not performed a complete car wash.

5.       Not neglecting the exterior

After the car has undergone the complete hierarchy of tidiness at the interior including the glass from inside out, a handy cloth cleaning could be given to the car body just for the sake of cleanliness. Simply use a partially wet micro fiber cloth and wipe the paint surface to abstain from mud and debris stuck to the paint, especially the bottom near tires.

This cleaning procedure can be performed twice a week, since averagely a car goes through entire washing about once in week or fortnightly, this fast forwarded procedure can be performed often to keep the car tidy during each drive. So riders! Get your easy cleaning props today and pamper your car a little bit to keep her happy and new. 

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