Kamatech 4GA Amplifier Wiring Kit WT-KIT999
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Kamatech 4GA Amplifier Wiring Kit WT-KIT999

Kamatech 4GA Amplifier Wiring Kit WT-KIT999

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Kamatech 4GA Amplifier Wiring Kit WT-KIT999

Now mark your presence on road with Kamatech all new wiring kit makes your car safest place. this kit contains extra thick and heavy wiring that will make sure you are safe from risk of fire and makes your sound travel without any obstruction. now you can connect any amplifier or mono block amplifier with any kind of woofer.


1. Fuse Holders - Complete overload protection

2. Distribution Blocks - Use on main power wires to distribute power to multiple components

3. Signal Cable - Twisted construction eliminates noise for increased clarity and superior sound

4. Speaker Wire - High stand count copper wires ensure maximum output

Package Contents:

4GA Transparent Matte Orange Power Cable

4GA Transparent Matte Black Power Cable

16GA Transparent Orange Speaker Cable

18GA Transparent Matte White Remote Cable

Transparent Matte Twisted RCA Cable

4*14 Screw

Mini 80A Nickel-plated

V22 Red Cover

V22 Black Cover

3*100 Black Tie

FDD-5-250(Plug +Transparent Cover)

FDD-5-250RED(Plug + Red Cover)

Black Gromment

1130 Pearl Nickel

1-25PJ(steel) Nickel-plated

Brand Kamatech

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