How to take special care of your new Maruti Suzuki Baleno?

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Diving home a new car is the one of the most achievable moment for the owner. A new car is like a newly welcomed and mostly an awaited family member. You would always like to take best care of it. With best maintenance provided to your car, in return you always expect smooth driving experience to be delivered.  After a decade long success and termination in 2007, Suzuki has now re-launched the ace again in 2015. The old classic sedan Baleno is now transformed into an elegant and show stopper hatch back. Is very much predicted that the car in going to grab hold of numerous parking spaces very soon. Here are some most essential accessories, you must get in stock for your new Maruti Suzuki Baleno:


Don’t let your car tackle the heat, the chills or the rains while you are being comfortably fine inside the house. Your car is your companion so keep it prepared for the nature’s action by simply shielding it. Don’t let the shine fade away!


It is important to keep your vehicle as clean as possible to ensure the best resale value when it is time for an upgrade, at a later stage. What's the best way to do that?  Replace your factory car mats with Heavy Duty Car Floor Mats.  They provide year round carpet protection and are available virtually at top selling vehicles showrooms and online market. Only wise choice has to be made in choosing the source.


Car seat covers are one of the most important car interior accessories that not only enhance the car decor, but provide comfort and safety as well. They protect the seats from dirt, stains, wear and tear. There are different types of car seat covers available in various designs, patterns, colors and fabrics. Seat covers can be purchased online or from any retail store. Leatherette seat covers are most preferred ones.


How often have you lost a small item in the front of your car, and then spent ages trying to find it? Spare yourself the hassle of losing valuables and rather store them in armrest inside slot. An armrest is a two way accessory for both hand resting comfort and storing valuables. A must have accessory for your new Baleno.




You definitely wouldn’t want the car to suffer extremely unfavorable smell after the cleaning or smoking. After keeping a check on the complete and regular inside out cleaning, you cannot let the bas smell to ruin the entire effort. A sophisticated cologne creates a fresh and joyful mood as soon one enters the car.


Decoratives are a matter of choice and sometimes belief. An eye appealing object right in front of the eyes can never turn out negative, same applies in a car. Be it a stone, a small sculpture or a looker decorative, at the end it only creates an appeal for the owner of the car and also the guests.


Anywhere you might be, either travelling or on a stay, hygiene has to be uncompromised. These days car provide you all facilities, you can always get a tissue holder installed for personal convenience. Also nowadays, tissue holder can be placed such that they do not disturb the elegancy of the car’s interior while keeping you hygienically active and maintain the cleanliness of the car as well.


A dustbin is no show piece, agreed. But specially designed small car portable dustbins are of basic usage these days. There are events when you roll down the window or sometimes have to stop the car to dispose off dry waste accumulated in your car. Portable car dustbins allow you to maintain tidiness in the car.


Today, it's easier than ever to do the cleaning yourself like a pro. Techniques developed by professional detailers have trickled down to passionate car enthusiasts. A car duster is very efficient tool for removing dust from the interior and exterior of car. The car shampoo is a concentrated car wash with Wax that will leave your automobile looking like it was washed by a pro. The triplet can get you the feeling of pro car wash.





In today’s world which is driven by beauty and everyone tends to look their best, how can you not be super fussy about the car’s beauty, which can make you either break you. Just like a flawless skin appeals, a scratch less car is the best thing to drive in. You can always yourself take out sometime in your own car washing and beautifying activities yourself instead of running to a mechanic for every tiny scratch that bothers you.


These 10 car accessories will come in handy when visited the right source to avail them. Planning to get the Baleno might be a resolution for many this year, so prepare the stock for these accessories and get set go, with your new Maruti Suzuki Baleno.


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