Helmets mandatory for pillion riders in Maharashtra

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As it is recently stated by the Maharashtra Transport Department, wearing a helmet which was already mandate for the driver will now be mandate for the pillion rider as well be it women or children. The same rule already prevails successfully in New Delhi, Lucknow and Hyderabad, now Maharashtra too joins the queue.


Having said that if you are going out for a ride on your bike or scooty, what would the very first thought that would strike in your mind? Status of traffic jam outside, fuel availability and consumption or else the weather prevailing outdoors. But the prior thought of safety is never thought of, isn’t it? Safety, practically should be the very first matter of concern. Well think no more as eventually most of the people will have to consider it initially.


Being clearly aware of how two wheeler riders are much vulnerable to fatal injuries, this step (most likely be applies thoroughly within coming week) will only assist in lowering the risk of being prone to facing fatalities.


It is always said that precaution is better than cure. Wise words! But in today’s style and fashion dominated generation, it happens that helmets are also ignored because of the myth that it might hamper the complete attire or might not look good enough with the kind of bike one is driving. Look no further, you can get hold of such cool helmets to ensure safety with style.

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Steelbird Helmet SB 33 Eve Dashing X Open Face - Sculpted with High density EPS (THERMOCOL) for safety and Polycarbonate coated optical visor, Hygienic interiors with multi-pore breathable padding. Anti-Theft system (you can lock your helmet through cable lock ), Transparent Top - air vent. Interior made up with air mesh fabric to keep cool.  So the ladies can never lack behind.


So riders, style and looks won’t be an excuse anymore. Exclusive styled and cool helmets are now available in the market for a safe yet style driven ride. Getting an exclusive looker helmet might not be a new trend. But finding it easy is a new clause indeed.


Driving with safety in now just a click away!


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