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Whether the youth riding in dirt or the back-in-time riders, the crazynation for bikes have always been over powering for every bike lover. But simultaneously, there have been stereo types whenever considering to get a new one.


There are few types from which one has be to be decisive about what’s his choice at the end-

The tour/traveller bike – Touring bike are usually bigger in size than normal ones. With bigger gas tanks and higher storage capacity, they favor long bike driven journeys more often.

The sportster bike – Sports bike usually faster and allows the driver to lean forward. They are typically designed with good looks and lighter weight. They have better handling potential but somewhat comfort is sacrificed to create the sports aura.

Standard bike – These are regular bikes which are found in the market easily. These stand between hybrid cruisers and traveller bikes with standard performance measuring from bike to bike). These are the ones with economical price and satisfying performance.

Custom bikes – These can either be standard bikes better modified or custom designed bikes. Such type is difficult to describe because they are modified as per the biker’s preference. Modifications such as larger gas tanks, vintage tires, LEDs or alloys can cost a fortune depending on the quality and requirement of the biker.

In the latest, a question is often raised that ‘which type is my bike type’. Here are few tips to keep in mind to experience a hassle free purchase of your new motorbike.

Driving experience – if you are beginner or it’s only been very few months or years, a simple safety motorbike will be suitable for you. Yearning for customized heavy bikes won’t be a good choice for the time being.

Keep in budget -A real bike lover can always manage to find the best deal in his budget. A dream bike with desired paint, custom choppers and vintage look is a load on the wallet, but till but one should prefer to be economical and user friendly as per the budget till your next bike.

Driving preference – Are you a rider, or a cruiser. Do you vision of driving like in fantasies or are you a simple rider who enjoys their ride every time they are on road. The driving moods simplify the decision of getting the kind of bike you are looking for.

Secondary factors to consider finally before purchasing.

Ask questions – It is always a good option to ask as many bikers and enthusiasts. Clear out all kinds of doubts you can have possibly before attempting final purchase.

Call or visit dealerships – Get to know about all levels of deals being provided by your relevant dealerships. Despite on road price fixation, there can always be a possibility of slight variation in the final dal being sealed.

Take test rides – There is certainly no waste of time in taking number of test drives. Might be you have set your mind to one bike already, but still considering other option can always do better for you in the ultimate decision making.

So riders! Be sure of what you are looking for. Hence, get the best for yourself. Don’t just drive your bike, create a ride of your bike. 

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