Multipurpose Cleaners

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Anti Bacterial Protective Coating Spray for Cars-Bio Protect 500

User-friendly car spray for all types of cars . Protecting the car from bacteria and microorganisms....
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F1 Multipurpose Foam Cleaner 650ml

F1's multipurpose cleaner can be used on automobiles as well as host of other products.The foam deep...
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Rs.400.00 Rs.318.00

Formula 1 Protectant and Shiner for Leather / Dashboard /Plastic / Rubber / Tyres 295ml

Renews, shines and protects rubber, vinyl and leather on interior and exterior of vehicle. Cleans, s...
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Rs.700.00 Rs.528.00

Speedwav Foldable Cleaning Water Bucket / Trash Bin - Assorted Colors

Speedwav Foldable Cleaning Water Bucket / Trash BinNo more dirty cars / home or office when Speedwav...
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Rs.1,000.00 Rs.448.00

Formula 1 Car Clean Shot Multi Purpose Foam Cleaner-539g

Formula 1 Clean Shot Multipurpose Cleaner is a cleaner which can be used anywher...
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Formula 1 Car/Bike Bug and Tar Remover

Make your car/bike shine like new with Formula 1 Car/Bike Bug And Tar Remover which ...
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Formula 1 Car/Bike Headlight Restorer and Sealant

Make your car/bike Head Light Shining like new with Formula 1 Car/Bike Headlight Res...
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