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Bikes are more of a companion than passion. The rider always looks after the comfortability and beauty of his precious bike. But what about conveniency? All accessories added are to modify the looks but how about some accessories that might provide functioning as well above good looks also. Lets read through a list of cool ride friendly accessories to make to bike modified and ride uncompromised:

1.Foot rest

A sophisticated pair of foot rests can always add a little detail to the accessorization and also provide a comfortable foot resting prop whenever required. Resting the foot is one of the most prior considerations when one thinks about a complete biking experience.

2.Handle grips

Just like foot rests, handle grips function in the same way. A great styling accessory plus a driving functionality. Just as the name suggests, handle GRIP accessory proves out to be a better grip provider (depends upon the material chosen). These days many designer handle grips are offered in market for looks as well as traction.

3.Leg guards

A safety and comfortability bike spare, a leg guard can help prevent mishaps to a certain extent if driven with safety. In an extreme case of disbalance or sudden skit, the leg guard will maintain a space between the bike body and the floor to provide space for the biker to escape by taking all the bike weight on itself (depends on case to case).


At every sudden or needed halt, there is no need to worry about the safety of the bike. Just put quick locks and be sure of prevention from theft or other mishap to the bike.

5.Mobile accessories

Just like a car, a bike these days never lacks sin offering n number of provisions. Recently portable mobile charging and mobile holder accessories have grabbed many consumers in the market. These regular necessities are not restricted to bikers anymore.

6.Saddle bags

Many bike offer plastic either leatherette saddle bags already at the time of purchase, but many don’t. Getting the right saddle bag is easy these days. Other than being a complete storage partner, it adds a classic modern look to the side profile.


Don’t make the ride fun for just the rider. Don’t forget to add on the backrest as per bike make and model to create ultimate safety, support and convenience for the pillion rider as well.

8.HID lights

After all preparation and wishes that you have made them happen, just don’t forget the HID lights for better visibility, clarity and life line.

So riders! Prepare your bike to enjoy the most unexpected comfort and care she can ever get. When your ride is happy, you get to add number of memorable rides in your records of great bike rides. 

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