Car Buddy



Speedwav 3 in 1 Car Buddy

Now no need to spend hundreds of rupees every time to get your car clean from a professional or when you have flat tyre

Speedwav 3 in 1 Car Buddy (Vacuum Cleaner and Tyre Inflator and Pressure Gauge) is your ultimate answer to all fuss related to car cleaning and tyre inflation. With built in tyre pressure gauge and tyre inflator, it is an ultimate daily use as well as travel accessory .

Plug-n-play into cigarette lighter power 12V socket and smoothly clean up your car, inflate tyre. Cervical Tool included for hard-to-get corner areas for cleaning with vacuum cleaner. Compact and Light Weight.


Vacuum cleaner: Strong suction power vacuum cleaner with duckbill sucker

Complete with Convenient attachment and washable filter

Washable filter is easy to clean, environmentally friendly and cost saving. Tyre Pressure Gauge 

With built in tyre gauge pressure , you can control the inflate air pressure in time. Tyre Inflator  

It can fill up to normal air pressure 206PA in 9-15 minutes.

Suitable for all kind of cars

12V Current:13A Power: max :Technical Specifications: 

Pressure: 156 Inflation immediate pressure::7KG/cm2 Inflation pressure: car tire2-2.5kg/cm2 Displacement: over 10 mm/m Inflation time:205/70R/15 tire inflation 2.5kg/ cm2 within 10 minutes Use time: each 15 minutes to have a rest. Suction: over 12mmHg Weight:1.4KG Size:30*9.5*11cm

Package weight:1.6kg Package size:32*12*14cm

Package Contents:

Speedwav 3 in 1 Car Buddy (Vacuum Cleaner and Tyre Inflator and Pressure Gauge)

2 X nozzles

1 X Sports needle

1 X Air hose pipe to fill air, Pressure gauge indicator, Crevice tool for hard to reach cleaning areas.