Why Car Parking Sensors are MUST

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With the growing number of vehicles on road, the parking problem in major cities is increasing. Parking spaces are getting congested, and almost all the metropolitan cities are facing the chronic shortage of public and residential parking slots; even if you find out space, parking won’t be an easy task. Another reason behind increasing parking problem is the increment in the width and length of the car, which wasn't the case before. 

Well chromed bumpers and alloys look good, but a scratch or a small dent on them, that usually happen while parking the car, might loosen your pocket. With an investment of few bucks, you can install parking sensor and rear-view cameras to your car in no time, though, most of the new cars are offered with parking accessories kit.

There are three types of parking sensors

·         Ultrasonic parking sensor

·         Electromagnetic parking sensor

·         Rear facing camera

Parking sensor is a device that helps park the vehicle safely and gives you confidence while reversing. It determines objects or obstacles distance by bouncing the ultrasonic/ electromagnetic waves emitted by it, and then display the calculated distance between the obstacle and the sensor.

Many cars come equipped with built-in speakers that increase speed and frequency as the vehicle approaches the obstacle. Though, the sound waves (in ultrasonic sensors) might miss peripheral objects or smaller objects. Electromagnetic sensors have wider detection coverage than the ultrasonic and detect the obstacle once the car starts moving. Moreover, the ultrasonic parking sensors can detect obstacles even when the car is stationary.

Moving the car forward isn’t that tricky as going backward. Reverse parking sensors are a must have feature for the drivers who have a problem with backward parking due to distances judging issues or mistakes. These sensors get active as you begin parking the car. Rear parking sensors alert drivers about the distance of obstacle behind the car and keep them safe from accidents or any kind of damage.

The rear-view parking cameras automatically switch on when you move the car in reverse direction, and show the view of road or parking slots behind the car.  Installation of these cameras, on your own, is an expensive affair; though the inbuilt system comes with an integrated display screen such as Sat Nav. With all these parking tools, parking becomes much safer and easier. We have various retail and online stores for parking car accessories in India, offering the best deals at cheap prices.

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