Top 10 Styling Accessories for Cars

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Thanks to rising disposable incomes, higher aspirational levels, and a global-aware lifestyle, new cars are flying out of showrooms in India. There is simply no stopping the car buying junta as they make a beeline to their favorite manufacturer showrooms, with auto-dreams in mind & signed leaf of cheques in the hand.

Buying a car, however, is only the first step towards making it your own. The right set of add-ons can truly let the world know just how unique & personalized your wheels are. Here are five accessories to make your car look awesome:

1. Alloys: Nothing upgrades the exterior like a classy set of well-made alloys. There are reputable shops in virtually every city & town selling a wide range of alloy wheel upgrades that should help your car stand out. Choose from a dazzling range of designs, but be careful about fitment & size. You don’t want to be paying serious money for snazzy wheels which foul with the bodywork.

2. Lights: Most stock lights, especially on the lower priced new cars seem to be restricted by their sticker costs. A lighting bulb upgrade, either to higher-power halogens or projector setups can transform your driving performance at night. Just make sure you don’t go overboard and end up looking like a permanent Diwali light fixture on wheels, or worse, blinding fellow motorists. Speedwav Slim U-Shape Daytime LED DRL Lights is a perfect option of styling your car with lights. It comes with ECE, SAE, CCC certifications which approve of its superior quality. These lights not only makes your car appealing but keeps you safe on the road in hazy road conditions like dense fog or in heavy rains.

3. Custom Paint/Wraps: If your stock paint isn’t reflecting your personality enough, you could reach out to one of the specialist paint shops, who could give your wheels a whole new coat. You could even try out those car wraps that allow you to experiment & let your imagination run riot while allowing you an easy, peel-off way to return to factory paint, whenever you wish. Speedwav offers a wide range of premium Car Wrap Sheets that enhances your car’s beauty without damaging its actual paint.

4. Upholstery: The stock seats & door trim can be shod with a new, protective layer of upholstery, which will also serve to transform the way your car looks & feels on the inside. Seat covers come in such a wide choice and across price points that they’re easily one of the 10 accessories guaranteed to make your car look awesome! Speedwav Beige B2 Leatherette Car Seat Cover is a good option if you are looking for something in leather look. It is highly durable and induces a perfect value for money.

5. Infotainment System: Give your car a musical upgrade & watch the chaos on the streets fade away behind you. Aftermarket amplifiers, head-unit upgrades, subwoofers & better speakers are all available to let you listen to your favorite tunes in crystal clear quality. We recommend, Sony XS-GS1720S-Way Component Speakers if you like to groove more on Bass. With just 6.5 Inch MRC Fiber Woofer, The speaker has a massive frequency response range of 40Hz to 22000Hz, which covers the audible range with deep bass, sweet mid-range, and sharp treble sounds.

6. Car Stickers: Give your car a quirky touch and witness the drooling eyes of onlookers. Funny, Funky, Sporty, and customized just name it and you get it. Speedwav offers a wide variety of Car Stickers that never fails to give your car a new definition.

7. Exhaust/Mufflers: Car lovers always find Exhausts to be the device that can modify their rides without adding much effort. Aside from visual mods, swapping your muffler to something a little more free-flowing is a quick and affordable way to give your ride a little more personality. Speedwav B28 Round Twin Pipe Car Exhaust Silencer is one stylish example of such accessory that reduces exhaust noise and gives a new elegant look at the back of the car and fits perfectly in your budget.

8. Roof Rails: Roof rails help transfer the load to properly reinforced points on the body so that substantial loads can be put on the car top. Some oversized loads that cannot be put inside, they will require you keep your rear door open or would be otherwise inconvenient to carry inside. Speedwav RC2 Roof Luggage Carrier is one of the most loved roof carriers which are highly useful, durable and pocket-friendly.

9. Floor Mats: Floor Mats are the most sophisticated way to style your car interiors. Often overlooked, Floor Mats are a must to bring on a remarkable interior change. Speedwav Perfect Fit Car 3D Floor Mats are highly elegant and assured perfect fit when used in the car. Its superior quality Velcro helps the mats to stay adjusted always while the non-toxic, environment-friendly material makes it odorless.

10. Armrests: Well having something to lean on during your time behind the wheel is the first blessing of course. Secondly, as we know cabin storage is not really a problem, but it never hurts to have more. The armrest will accommodate those smaller fiddly items you don’t wish to lose or have on display and need quick, convenient access to. Speedwav Car Luxury Armrest with USB ports+Glass Holder+Ashtray is one multi-purpose Armrest which caters to your multiple needs all alone. It comes with DIY installation instruction, built in storage cases, additional drink holding section and adjustable width facility.

It is an endless horizon when it comes to pimping up your car. One is limited only by the depth of the wallet & imagination. Whatever you choose; remember to trust only reputed sources for both, equipment & installation.

Happy Riding!

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