Car Care Myths

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You certainly love your car. It is the most valuable tangible possession for any person. After investing your much hard earned capital on your favourite car, the performance expectation is high equally. But the trust and the joy of driving your own car falls when the car’s performance starts reaching an unexpected low.

But before you start imagining the never ending pay bills in your account, think of us as we are here to save you from such catastrophe. Few myths exist when it comes to car maintenance followed as thumb rule, which ain’t completely true. Having said that, we are always keen to serve any automotive complication at once. So never hesitate to ask. Facing the same issues you just read so far, here’s a list of myth busters you need to terminate right away.


1. Wax, ideal for scratch removal


False! Instead of removing scratches completely and enhancing the appearing shine which might remain for some time, wax only covers the hairline thick scratches which can drain out once it rains or washed.

2. Detergent car wash


Mush used dish and cloth detergents might bring the all shiny look to the car initially but in the long run, it only multiplies the oxidation process that washes away any possible protection coating over the paint finish. Hence negatively subtracting the life line of the car’s body paint.


3. Jump-start means full charged battery.


Certainly not! Hours and hours are required in restoring a full battery charge. So it is understood that a jump start cannot cope up to a full charged battery potential. A full charge can be achieved successfully if driven for hours with all electricity extracting sources kept off all the time like AC etc. one should rather consult the service station or a professional in battery drained cases. If relied on jump starts, same situation might strike you the very next morning.

4. Best stands for the Dealer’s service centre


This is a typical mindset everyone has of getting the best n class service from the dealer itself. But there’s no harm in negotiating multiple service station as options to find out the best results for your car’s performance improvisation. Also never forget to keep accurate records and receipts in case of warranty disputes.




5. Brake fluid is all that’s needed


Absolutely incorrect! The level in the brake-fluid reservoir reduces a bit when the brake pads wear out. So don't just blindly top up the brake fluid and think all is fine. Of course if the fluid level drops to or below the Low mark on the reservoir, then you should top up the fluid. But also be aware that spongy brakes can be induced by wearing of brake pads. In either case get the braking system checked immediately.

6. Inflate tyres according to side wall


Absolutely not true. The figure molded into the sidewall is the tyre’s maximum inflation pressure. Instead, follow the inflation pressure recommendations outlined in your car owner’s manual or placard, typically located on the door post or fuel-filler flap. The pounds-per-square-inch (psi) figure on the side of the tyre provides the best balance of braking, handling, fuel mileage, and ride comfort. Perform a monthly pressure check when tyres are cold or after the car has been parked for a couple of weeks.


7. An extra coat of wax would do


A silly myth. Adding an extra coat of wax for enhanced results is as silly as adding an extra spoon of chilli to spice up the food and wishing to withdraw it later. Adding extra coat of wax will only make your car look aged and worn out instead of doing any good for the shine.


8. Higher octane fuel, higher performance


Not true. Most vehicles run perfectly alright on regular-grade (87 octane) fuel. Using premium in these cars won't hurt, but it won't improve performance, either. A higher-octane number simply means that the fuel is less prone to pre-ignition problems, so it's often specified for hotter running, highcompression engines. So if your car is designed for 87-octane fuel, don't waste money on premium.


So for all the car lovers, all you have to do is break the myth and chose right for your ride. For all the solutions you are looking for along with perfect compatibility and kept promises, land at

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