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Buying a new car is always a difficult, confusing yet crucial decision. There’s a time when you fiscally find yourself prepared to buy brand new wheels for you and the family. There might be a tornado of thoughts in the mind. Each buy had different parameters that they want as priority. Some might want stronger powered engine. For some, glamorous looks or else economically feasible. This is certain that one horse cannot win all the races.

There are times when you must consider questioning yourself about what exactly are your looking for and practically how much can you cope up with the expenses of meeting the desired expectation. Buyers! Regretting post payments can be prevented. Just ask these basics necessity queries to yourself.

Is it actually the right time?

Foremost, ask yourself if it is really the most suitable time for you to buy the car. Are you in perfect scenario to fulfill your requirements and under no catastrophic debt to pay the bills.

What kind of cars are you looking at?

Buying a car is difficult. Choosing the right one is heck. Make up your mind if you want those shining armor luxurious wheels or a family friendly economical hath. A fuel sipper and great looker or a decent efficient sedan.

Brand new or used one?

If a new car offers you clear history in terms of any incidents. Untouched warranty, performance and safety. On the contrary a used one shall assure you manageable prices, bearable depreciation, give you less of insurance rate shocks and lastly offer higher number of considerable options.

Are you following the dealer’s way?

Car dealers need to sell cars in order to stay in business, which makes this a strong buyers’ market. Rebates, financing, interest rates and trade in value knowledge can let YOU lead the way. Limited knowledge and lacked research shall allow the dealer to takeover.

Buyer’s guide

Now that you are convinced by yourself to go for the right thing, lastly guide yourself further on how to take care of the car later after purchase and how will the assets will be managed in maintenance etc after being hugely affected because of the purchase itself.


Make right but wise choice  and lastly happy shopping!

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