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Whether a new or an experienced one, a biker should always be aware of basic universal tactics of how to take good care of the bike and working well to increase its life expectancy. One can simply keep a check of these pro and cons to ensure a smooth ride and a prolonged life of the vehicle.

1.       Tires

The amount of inflation passage in the tire should be accurate every time. Under inflated tire can cause the wheel to get heated up and burst while over inflated tire automatically leads to a tire burst because of over pressure.

Tips: Be habitual to carrying a pencil gauge to measure the inflation level every time when the bike is refilled at any gas station.

2.       Brakes

Check the thickness of the brake pads at certain intervals. In general cases where the bike goes right down on the metal, the brake disc gets unexpectedly damaged causing vulnerability to high replacement expenses.

Tips: Get the brake fluid checked/replaced after every two years to avoid the moisture created by it for long lasting performance of the brakes.

3.       Fuel

Check the fuel filter for nay clogging or crack lines. If found any, immediately get it replaced. Even after slight cracking, the filter can survive up to good six months but wears out soon after that.

Tips: Get the fuel filter replaced in every two years for continued performance.

4.       Oil

Make sure you check the oil level to be at its high or maximum level. A low oil level can be destructive while a over filled oil can flood the air cleaner with oil. Be aware if you own a bike with oil level currently differentiating at 300 ml, you cannot pour in a 500 ml can of oil. 

Tips: check and replace the oil filter regularly for smooth performance. Also check if it’s cold and don’t forget to top it up to the highest level before you go out for a ride.

5.       Battery

Nothing is worse than a drained out battery at a wrong situation. A monthly check up of the battery is good to go to keep it running for long. While checking the battery always wear gloves, and make sure it is grime free on the top while you add distilled water to it. Prevent yourself from fumes and do check inside for excessive sedimentation.

Tips: get the battery 100 % charged with dim lights once if the bike hasn’t been ridden for two weeks or more just to charge it up.

These lucrative yet simple measures to keep your bike running, always contribute in increasing the life line of your bike. Simultaneously cutting the cost which could be created later if neglected earlier.  

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