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Of the two major components used for internal combustion, fuel and air, it's the latter that is most often overlooked by the average driver. This is quite ironic when you consider that a properly proportioned fuel charge is 14.7 parts air for every one part of fuel !!

This calls for a need to Talk about air filters or performance air filters. But before we move on to understanding what an upgraded air filter can do for your vehicle, we must first know what are air filters and what role do they play in your vehicle’s performance.


-          As we breathe from the nose, it has some dust restricting elements to provide filtered clean air to your body which keeps you healthy and boosts your metabolism. In the same way a good air filter provides better flow of clean air to your vehicles engine in comparison to company fitted air filter thereby increasing the vehicle’s performance.

-          Now imagine you can’t breath properly due to a blockage in your nose. How would you go about your daily ativities with restricted breathing? Like wise, if your vehicle would not get 100% clean uninterupted air flow, how will it be able perform at it its best?

-          Normal company fitted air filters do provide air to engines for breathing but they fail to be on their optimum performance for long duration and with time they tend to choke or create more problems in breathing for engine.

-          In contrast, the special upgraded air filters like that from K&N brand maintain a constant level of optimum performane till they reach their cleaning stage of 30,000 kms in good condtions.

What If Your Vehicle Doesn’t Get Right Amount Of Air Mixture ?

If your vehicle doesn’t get right amount of air to mix with the fuel which is coming in a constant proportion with help of ECU in your vehicle, the unburnt fuel gets deposited near your vehicles fuel injectors on intake, exhaust valves  and piston rings etc which causes degarded performance of your vehicle in terms of both power and mileage output.


Is There Any Other Alternative Than To Upgrade Air Filter ?

The alternate way to reduce the chances of low mileage and degraded perormance of your vehicle is to keep a constant check on your company fitted air filter every now and then because the polluted and dusty conditions in INDIA take an extreme toll of your vehicle’s normal designed air filter.

So, you may either keep changing the regular company fitted filter on a frequent basis or go for an upgraded high-quality air filter

The other viable option is ofcourse going for an air filter like K&N which maintains the much needed air flow for the vehicle’s engine so that the performance and mileage are not affected.

 What Do You Gain from Upgrading The Air Filter ?

-          CHANGE ONCE, USE FOREVER : Simply stated by K&N itself and proven in market - one K&N air filter can live in the heart of your Car till you can drive it. Which means once fitted, forget to change the air filter!

It saves you from the effort and time from going again and again to the market to get a new air filter for your vehicle, because once fitted it will work till your vehicle is there with you.


-          BETTER AIR FLOW: Provides better air flow to the engine which directly reflects in overall drive of your vehicle.


-          BETTER PERFORMANCE: K&N gives A Better Mileage, Better Pickup and increases life of your engine.


-          BLOCKAGE-FREE Engine: It doesn’t choke or block in comparison to stock company fitted filter. Balanced Airflow is maintained even if you forget to clean it on the due date which is 30,000 Kms or less depending on the conditions of the area you live in.

-          It provides same air flow to engine on higher altitudes where normal air filter fails to provide 100% air flow and causes less power delivery from your vehicle. Eg. for an up-hill climb, due to higher altitude, oxygen is present in lesser amount as compared  to most cities and towns(being close to sea level), so the performance of the vehicle is reduced due to poor oxygen intake thereby reducing the rate of fuel combustion.
K&N filters ensure you get the best performance out of your vehicle anywhere and under any driving condition.


How to Maintain and Take Care of An Upgraded Air Filter like K&N?

-          Clean K&N air filter only with original K&N recharge kit, do not try to clean it with any other liquid (not even directly with water).


-          Ensure you clean your K&N after your vehicle covers a distance of 30,000 kms or less according to the conditions of your commuting area.

Easy Steps to clean K&N air filter yourself :



A K&N Filter needs to be serviced every 30,000Kms. More frequent service may be necessary under extreme conditions such as off-road use where dusty conditions are prominent. Use only K&N brand Air Filter Cleaner and Air Filter Oil when servicing a K&N product.


1.      TAP & BRUSH: Tap the air filter gently against a hard surface to dislodge loose dirt. Always tap a filter on its base or side and never tape a filter's edges because this may damage the element. Follow this up by gently brushing the filter with a soft bristle brush. An old toothbrush will work well for this.


2.       CLEAN & SOAK: Use K&N Air Filter Cleaner in either spray-on or liquid form. If a spray is used, be sure to coat the entire element and allow it to soak for 10 minutes. Use the liquid form by filling a pan to a level where the filter element is submerged beneath the cleaner. If a large, round element is being cleaned, rotate it through the fluid and remove it. After submerging the filter element in the cleaner, remove the filter and allow it to soak for 10 minutes.


3.      RINSE & FLUSH: Rinse the element with low-pressure water such as from a household faucet. Do not use high-pressure spray as this will damage the element. Always flush from the clean side to the dirty side. This works to remove dirt from the filter rather than driving it further into the filter.


4.      SHAKE & DRY: Shake excess water from the filter and allow it to air dry at room temperature. Carefully hanging the filter in the outside air works well. Do not use compressed air or a heat source to dry the filter; doing so will damage the element, rubber base and end caps.


5.      RE-OIL: Re-oil the filter with K&N Filter Oil. Use only K&N Filter Oil as any other form of oil can degrade the element's filtering ability. A K&N Filter will not function properly without sufficient oil and will require more frequent re-oiling of the filter's clean side in between cleanings.


6.      SPRAY AND SQUEEZE: Spray K&N Filter Oil into the element's pleats from a distance of 10 inches. Spray each section of pleats only once until the reddish oil color becomes apparent. Let the filter sit for 10 minutes and re-spray any areas that are still white. You can also apply K&N Oil from a squeeze bottle onto each pleat.


7.      RE-INSTALL AND REJOICE! : Re-install your K&N Filter into the filter housing. Make sure the filter seats properly in the filter housing. Install the air-filter cover and tighten any appropriate nuts, bolts, screws or clips. Apply the K&N "Do Not Discard" sticker to the filter housing to keep service technicians from throwing away your reusable filter.

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