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Riding a bike might be a necessity or passion, nevertheless you have to follow the parameters of driving a bike.

Being safe is of course the prior one. But you can always tend to break the monotony. Just like your bike represents you, in return your contribution of style in safety represents your passion for the wheels. Simply follow this check list to be sure of being stylish yet safe while you are riding:

Body covers

Invest in a quality bike cover. If you store your vehicle outside, make sure that cover is waterproof and is securely attached, so that high winds don't blow it off. Universal and custom-fit bike covers are available at online retailers and at auto parts stores. One certainly doesn’t want to go through the entire cleaning process, when gets affected with the mist and water droplets caused due to cool breeze overnight.



It is well known that when you ride your bike, you should also strap on your helmet. They provide shade from the sun, and can whisk away rainfall from your eyes so that you can steer better during a sudden storm. Some refrain because of style compromise factor, but one can easily find trendy and style justifying helmets at any store or even better if shopped online for numerous choices.


Functional Side Mirrors

There are instances when, even if one already has all the lights that a bike could offer, some motorists won’t still be able to see the bike, as if the said biker is camouflaging on purpose. Getting a bike mirror could help driver using it into determining whether or not the vehicles behind would crash to their rear. It’s always a must to be hundred percent sure on road and not relying on assumptions.


HID Lights

The driver absolutely being comfortable with high or low beam is a crucial aspect of driving, especially while night driving. But when comes to sudden circumstances when the HID light has to be utilized, imagine the light itself affected with severe rain or fog, the sole purpose of the feature gets defeated at once. Investing in a trusted quality of HID lights is more than the worth paid.



LED Indicators

In comparison, LED lights will offer very bright lighting and assure high efficiency. They are better than Halogens in that they use a fraction of the electricity required by halogen bulbs to provide the same brightness. You have the option of reducing brightness if needed. Plus LED indicators can always assist in guaranteeing a better visibility to you for others and vice versa. 

So wherever you are riding off to, day or night, and it’s certain that you love your bike. So don’t forget to remain safe but stylish too


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